Learning Methods

SkyWatch offers different choices when it comes to modes of learning. Whether you prefer to learn alone or with a group, SkyWatch makes anything possible with terms and conditions.

Classroom Training

SkyWatch provides face-to-face classroom training to students from all over the world. Our solution includes all training related services like accomodation, airport shuttle, daily cab, visa assistance.

Instructor Led Online

SkyWatch Instructor Led Online Training lets you learn from the comfort of your home. SkyWatch ILO is unique because it allows 4 hour/day and weekends only training option.


Tailored to suit the needs of corporate clients, Fly-Me-A-Trainer allows enterprises to have our experts conduct trainings on their premises. Labs are delivered via co-located data center.

1-on-1™ Training

SkyWatch's pioneering 1-on-1™ Training methodology allows 100% customization of courses and schedule for individual students.

Topic based Training (TBT)

Micro-learning in bits of 4-hours. Topic as per your requirement. Labs Online included (if required). 1-on-1 training. Schedule as per your preference.

Simulated Internship™

SkyWatch's Simulated Internship™ allows participants to solve given tasks and problems similar to what they will experience in the field.

The Theatre Experience

Our Theater Experience guarantees you amazing learning, equipped with great instructors, great curriculum, co-learners, great infrastructure & distraction free environment – all at one place – SkyWatch Ghana.

Training On Demand

Self Paced On-Demand Training from SkyWatch

  • High quality content
  • Hands-on Labs
  • Available 24x7
  • Official Course - meets Certification requirement for Oracle and VMware
Superior ILT

Class-room training remains the preferred mode of learning with the instructor as the facilitator of learning.
Using its over 20 years experience professional facilitators of training experience in the IT training industry, SkyWatch has added the following unique elements to the ILT experience thereby creating “Superior ILT” in the process.