Compliance Essentials Package



Compliance Essentials Package

Conveniently bundled PCI compliance services that provide your business with built-in expertise and management.

Manage Compliance for PCI DSS

Organizations are strapped for time and resources, meaning the work spent validating and managing PCI DSS requirements can take their focus off their business. The SkyWatch Company Ghana Ltd Compliance Essentials Package helps you simplify and centralize your program and provides the tools you need to assess, track and document your compliance status.

What Compliance Essentials Brings to You

  • The ability to detect and address vulnerabilities to satisfy PCI requirements and provide critical information regarding potential network security concerns.

  • A simplified self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) process, through our PCI wizard, automated to-do list and free professional guidance.

  • Security best practices to establish for your business with the help of our custom template.

  • Security awareness education resources to provide to employees, including training documents, simplified online education and self-help tools.

  • PCI training module, which includes multiple course levels and exams, to educate your employees.

  • Complete visibility to your network and validation services through our single, centralized and cloud-based customer portal, TrustKeeper.

  • Valuable assistance when you need it, with 8x5 support for your business and compliance programs.

  • Financial peace-of-mind with data breach coverage for your business.

Managed Compliance.

  • Vulnerability Scanning

    Receive quarterly vulnerability scans to address PCI DSS requirements and critical information regarding potential network security concerns.

  • PCI Wizard / Self-Assessment Questionnaire

    Simplify the SAQ process with our intuitive PCI wizard, which walks you step-by-step through the process for certifying PCI DSS compliance. And our to-do list, a first of its kind in the industry, tracks areas where you need to take action.

  • Information Security Policy Advisors

    Access a set of templates and guides to help you develop your own set of documented data security policies and procedures to comply with the PCI DSS.

  • Security Awareness Education

    Equip your employees with training on PCI compliance and proper credit card handling procedures so they can help limit the risk of a breach occurring.

  • PCI Compliance Training

    Leverage our online PCI training module which educates employees based on role (manager and associate), and offers training course exams and useful PCI compliance resources.

  • Cloud-Based Portal Access

    Save time managing your compliance programs with our user-friendly TrustKeeper portal, which automates the process and creates a place for you to access your program on demand.

  • Customer Support

    Turn to our Security Operations Center experts, who are knowledgeable in all types of network environments and are here to keep you up to date on your compliance activities and status.

  • Breach Protection Program

    Help meet the expenses resulting from a suspected or actual data breach that could jeopardize the future of your business. Under the program, your business is protected from financial losses up to $50,000 in several critical areas.

  • A Complete Security Solution Beyond Just Compliance

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