Security & Compliance Bundles

Security and Compliance Bundles

Address common business needs, from basic validation services to full network security management with connectivity services, without disrupting your focus.

Simplify Your Process

Attack surfaces are growing, requirements are becoming more complex and the talent pool is shrinking. All these factors make cybersecurity and compliance difficult for organizations to get right, especially when it gets in the way of everyday objectives. SkyWatch Company Ghana Ltd Security and Compliance Bundles neatly package all the necessary tools and technologies you need, leaving the heavy lifting to us and you to concentrate on your business.

Compliance Essentials

Simplify PCI compliance and provide the tools you need to assess, track and document your compliance status. In short, we take the hassle out of meeting the basic PCI validation and management requirements, so you can focus on your business.

Connectivity Tools

Enhance your daily business operations with our integrated connectivity solutions, including Managed Broadband Service and Cellular Broadband Backup Service. A quality solution can help increase operational efficiencies, lower your business costs and provide your customers with a superior experience.

Security Plus

Go beyond the basics of PCI compliance to strengthen your overall defense against threats. With comprehensive network security, combined with benefits of complete managed services and support, our Security Plus package helps you maximize the impact of your security and compliance programs.