Managed Web Application Firewall

Managed Web Application Firewall

As attack surfaces continue to expand, your security team may need additional assistance to thwart malicious interactions from cybercriminals.

SkyWatch Company Ghana Ltd’s Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) service expands your team through the help of expertly-trained security specialists in our worldwide Security Operation Centers (SOCs) that provide local coverage across various security disciplines. By transferring your complex, labor-intensive security operations to a single point of contact, your web applications will be protected from security events around the clock.

What a Managed Web Application Firewall Does for You

  • Configuration, maintenance, tuning, and review to ensure up-to-date protection.

  • 24x7x365 event monitoring and alerting, and periodic log review options.

  • Automated analysis by a cloud engine to find known threats, anomalous behavior and suspicious activity.

  • Access to events and reports through the SkyWatch Company Ghana Ltd Fusion platform.

  • Advanced Web application security detection and protection.

  • Achievement of compliance requirements, including PCI DSS.

Comprehensive Protection.

  • Threat Detection and Response

    Round the clock monitoring of threats, investigation of security events, incident management and threat mitigation.

  • Advisory Services

    Trained security professionals equipped with a deep understanding of your business needs that deliver management services.

  • Security Technology Management

    On-going configuration management of your WAF platform.

  • Security Policy Review and Optimization Analysis

    Policy review and fine-tuning recommendations based on our security experts.