Managed Detection


Managed Detection

Services to help organizations of all sizes monitor for and detect threats.

Monitoring & Detection of Advanced Threats

Analyzing log and event information coming from devices and applications takes time and expertise, and advanced threats and attackers don't wait for anyone. The SkyWatch Company Ghana Ltd Managed Detection services help to quickly and effectively make sense of this data by providing the platform, processes and people to monitor, detect and alert on threats.

What Managed Threat Detection Brings to You

  • Visibility into your environment through collection of logs, events, metrics and other data.

  • An easy means to collect, consolidate, normalize, compress and securely transport data to SkyWatch Company Ghana Ltd.

  • Automated analysis by a cloud engine to find known threats, anomalous behavior and suspicious activity.

  • Human analysis when needed for advanced threat triage, threat hunting, reverse engineering and other activities.

  • Unified data storage of logs, events, alerts, findings and incidents in our federated multi-tenant data store.

  • Secure access to data and reports 24x7 via theSkyWatch Company Ghana Ltd Fusion platform.

Comprehensive Protection.

  • 24x7 Threat Monitoring & Detection

    Gain broader visibility into threats and faster breach detection via a leading correlation engine and experts who are monitoring and analyzing your data around the clock.

  • Global Threat Intelligence

    Develop and maintain threat indicators and use cases focused on up-to-the-minute intelligence for both regional and global threats, all delivered by our elite SkyWatch team.

  • Broad Data Coverage

    MTD uses log, event, and alert data from a variety of sources. The data is correlated and analyzed using automated and human-based methods to find known threats, anomalous behavior and suspicious activity.

  • Ease and Flexibility

    Decide on multiple monitoring and detection service options, including ones with an on-site SIEM so you can leverage the service that best meets your security and/or compliance needs.

Deployment Options


24x7 continuous security monitoring and threat detection.


Managed Detection Complete plus an on-site SIEM (either from SkyWatch Company Ghana Ltd or a third party).


Customer conducts their own monitoring via the SkyWatch Fusion platform.


Periodic security-focused review by a SkyWatch Company Ghana Ltd analyst.